Thank you for your interest in joining UPLIT’s internship program. We aim to provide emerging arts workers with an opportunity to engage with a professional organisation through a clear framework to achieve key learning outcomes. We offer career development through realistic management, challenging projects and a network of professional contacts to help our interns get to where they want to be. 

Internships will be announced throughout the year, with opportunities available in a variety of departments including programming, development, client relationship management, finances, marketing, sales, research, administration, production, and more. Call outs for internships, and volunteer positions, will be advertised on our website, on our Facebook page, and in our monthly eNewsletter.

What did our past interns think?

From Ella: 

The children and young adult internship was the highlight of my year! Not only did working with one of the most renowned arts organisations in Queensland look great on my resume, but the people who I worked with were genuinely great people who made me feel like I was a part of the family. I learnt a lot of practical information about working in an office environment and the ins and outs of running a festival that isn’t possible to know unless you experience it. Also it was pretty cool (understatement of the century) to meet some of my literary heroes. It is an experience I whole-heartedly recommend to anyone interested. 

From Olivia: 

I applied for the BWF internship to gain experience in arts marketing with a renowned Queensland company. I not only gained these skills that will be invaluable in my future employment, but I also got to work in a supportive, professional environment that placed emphasis on my learning. Throughout  two months I was involved, I got to learn every aspect of planning, promoting, and delivering a festival. Each shift was different, allowing me to gain numerous skills in social media strategy and digital marketing. I felt I was entrusted with important tasks, and was always treated as a part of the team. I couldn’t recommend this program enough!

From Sally: 

As an avid reader and festival-goer, I knew being involved with BWF would be right up my alley. But what I didn’t anticipate was the breadth of experiences an internship would provide: from production and programming to marketing and partnerships. Witnessing both the planning and execution phases of this large event was fascinating and filled with opportunities to learn from industry professionals. I’d highly recommend a BWF internship if you are passionate about promoting the arts and/or events management, and want to impress future employers.