At the 2017 Brisbane Writers Festival Benjamin Law rose to the challenge of imagining a world without writers during a festival session. As his words resonated through the microphone, we were reminded why we love our world with both readers and writers and events like BWF17 that bring us all together.


Benjamin Law, BWF17

“Writers and readers fundamentally share the same values: we are the weird people who are willing to sit for hours – in front of a desk, or in front of a book – to simply think. To reconsider. To see the world through someone else’s experience. …Writers and readers aren’t in love with words; we’re in love with ideas that words can convey. We’re the adult versions of the kids who were told we think about things too much.

Writing and reading are just other names for thinking. We should all do it more.”  – Benjamin Law

The  Mic & Pen are festival essentials. 

They’re the tools Brisbane Writers Festival provides writers and thought leaders to connect with festivalgoers and fans. 

The Mic – to share their perspective, ideas and stories with festival audiences at live events. 

The Pen – to personally connect with avid readers who line up to meet their literary heroes and have their stacks of treasured books signed. 

Through a tax-deductible gift of $250* join our collective of passionate philanthropists whose support is as essential to the festival as the Mic & Pen.

You’ll receive opportunities to connect with other creative and cultural leaders, including:

  •  a one-of-a-kind, personalised thank you from a festival artist, which we’ll proudly display in our Mic & Pen online supporter gallery
  • an invitation to an exclusive Chapter One event at the festival to network with other ambassadors who share your love of the literary arts
  • a tax-deductible gift receipt and the satisfaction that you’ve provided the opportunity for passionate fans to hear from and meet their literary heroes (that’s pretty cool).


*Why $250? Your gift will cover the cost of an artist’s speaker fee for next year’s Festival. 

UPLIT is a not-for-profit incorporated association with registered Charitable and Deductible Gift Recipient status. All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

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