Experience Angel’s Palace

This year we invite you to enter Angel’s Palace, inspired by the character of Angel Day from Indigenous author Alexis Wright’s critically-acclaimed novel Carpentaria which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Alexis’ operatic and surreal tale will be brought to life by artist Gordon Hookey as an immersive artwork. Enjoy live performance, storytelling and talks exploring Indigenous art, history and culture.

The Angel’s Palace experience has been made possible through the generous support of the Taylor family.

UPLIT has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland’s Backing Indigenous Arts initiative.

Building Angel’s Palace

Read more about the building of Angel’s Palace, and how the epic artwork, with over 300 square metres of Gordon Hookey’s design, will come to life.

“She thought the dump was magnificent, as anyone dirt poor would. The way she talked you would have thought she was a very rich woman, and it was nothing for her to walk back and forth to the dump two dozen times a day to cart back pieces of sheet iron, jerry cans, bits of car bodies, pieces of rope, logs, plastic, discarded curtain and old clothing … until she ended up with an igloo made of rubbish.” 
Alexis Wright, Carpentaria

Image by Mick Richards