Angel’s Palace is an immersive literary experience created by UPLIT and first presented at Brisbane Writers Festival in 2017. 

The experience tributes Carpentaria, Alexis Wright’s monumental work, first launched at BWF 2007, and consists of a 7.5m high dome structure that features a print of an original artwork created by artist Gordon Hookey in response to the book. The novel has been adapted for performance within the space by Alethea Beetson and features digital animated projections created by Ken Weston, a soundscape created by Guy Webster and a set developed by Iceworks Design. Angel’s Palace is a multi-disciplinary collaboration that represents the voice of Indigenous Australia and celebrates Aboriginal storytelling and literature in a powerful experience for audiences.

Angel’s Palace: Touring Opportunities

UPLIT is pleased to announce that the Angel’s Palace experience is available for hosted touring. There are a number of ready made programs that can be included in your presentation package, that includes performances and installation. 

To find out more about touring Angel’s Palace, and to request an information pack, please email [email protected].


Producer, director, and writer Alethea Beetson, alongside a talented team of creatives has adapted Alexis Wright’s award-winning novel for the stage, creating a transformative live performance targeted to both adult and young adult audiences.


You can have your Game of Thrones. I’ll stick with this. Blackfella mythology. The longest running Netflix series known to man. 

Audiences were invited to the town of Desperance in Carpentaria, filled with characters larger than life including the enigmatic Angel Day, tribal man Norm Phantom, the unctuously charming Mozzie Fishman, and the rebellious son of Angel and Norm, Will Phantom.

Desperance is embroiled in battle, as ancient combats as deep as the land entwine with greed-fueled battles over what lies beneath. The inhabitants are at odds in their notion of what it means to belong, and what part they are destined to play, as they each strive to create – and keep – their idea of home.

Traditional storytelling, a haunting soundtrack, and an extraordinary digital design blend together to create an immersive, magical and epic theatrical adventure that transports audiences through place and time. 


Joyful, entertaining, educational and unforgettable, children aged 3 to 8 and their families are invited to explore Carpentaria in this special interactive performance, in this alternate adaptation of Alexis Wright’s award-winning novel.

Every single thing has a story. Including you. You all have a story. And we all have the power to make stories. I have been working on a story, but I might need your help finish it. 

The children’s performance of Carpentaria is an accessible introduction into Indigenous culture and language. The actors seamlessly move between embodying the fictional characters of Desperance, and sharing their own stories and histories.

The importance of oral tradition within Indigenous culture is celebrated and exemplified throughout the play, with the audience invited to build a story with the performers, and see their collaboration played back to them in the compelling but simple presentation of Angel Day and Norm Phantom’s tale.

Magical and magnificent, young audiences can enter a place full of stories, uncover secrets of the land and discover what homes means to them, in this unique and not-to-be missed performance. 

Angel’s Palace, presented by UPLIT, first premiered at Brisbane Writers Festival 2017.  Angel’s Palace is inspired by the book ‘Carpentaria’ by Alexis Wright (2006, Giramondo Publishing) and features an original artwork by Gordon Hookey.  The Angel’s Palace experience has been made possible through the generous support of the Taylor family. UPLIT has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland’s Backing Indigenous Arts initiative.