Welcome to Word Play 2017!

Presented by UPLIT as part of the Brisbane Writers Festival, Word Play is our annual Education Program where young readers, illustrators and storytellers can enter other worlds built on the year's best literature and stories.

Word Play 2017 is a collision of imagination, celebration and exploration as students and teachers from across Queensland dive into literary wonderlands.

Within the Word Play program lies adventures with Wendy Orr and Mark Smith; the past re-examined with Jackie French and Wai Chim; artistic explorations with Peter Carnavas and Leigh Hobbs; discussions about diversity with Randa Abdel-Fattah and James Moloney; and literary love-ins with Anna Fienberg and Steven Herrick. 

And this year, we're introducing a new dimension to Word Play especially for teachers with our Professional Development sessions, education resources and much more!

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