Connect and inspire your community through stories and ideas. Become a Chapter One ambassador.

UPLIT is an organisation for all Queenslanders. We aim to eliminate barriers of engagement.

We believe that anyone should be able to connect with our programs and are passionate about keeping them accessible and inclusive.

Your support as a Chapter One Ambassador will enable us to achieve the following*:

  • ensure 30% of all events continue to be provided for free
  • capture, digitise and share sessions and events with more communities through online platforms
  • provide AUSLAN interpreters at UPLIT events to support our highly engaged hearing impaired audience

Chapter One Ambassadors are leaders and role models for generations of readers to come. To support and grow this inspiring network, we bring Chapter One Ambassadors together several times a year for special events and opportunities to visit the Artist Greenroom during the Festival.

Thank You

Chapter One Founding Ambassadors

Julie Beveridge, Joanna Brand, Roslyn Capeness, Zoe Connolly, Kate Eltham, David Fishel, Kirsty Graham, Jennie Jahnke, Alasdair Jeffrey, Kathleen Jennings, Joy & Craig Lawn, Petrina Macpherson, Steve Minion, Virginia Miranda, Tom Nelson, Madonna Perkins, Ellen Reiner, Kathy Sawyer, Nina Stacey, Jenny Stubbsm Brian Tucker, Warren Ward, Dilshani Weerasinghe. Thanks also to our supporters who wish to remain anonymous.

Chapter One  Ambassadors

Phil Brown, Pascalle Burton, Bob Cleland, Greg Coghlan, Jonathan Drapes, Marlene Eltham, Dorothy Farrell, Trevor Findlay, Nancy Hartley, Paul Lin, Susan Mears, Donna O’Donoghue, Joanna Peters, Joanne Peulen, John Reynolds, Pamela Rushby, Kirsty Veron, Jeremy Ward, Rosemary Willink, Paul Fairweather.

Happy 1st Anniversary
Chapter One Ambassadors

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