Growing lifelong readers goes beyond training children and adults to read, write and comprehend. Lifelong readers are individuals who grow up- in a household where adults also read and demonstrate their love of reading to children. Lifelong readers are individuals who enjoy discussing books and sharing the ideas sparked by things they’ve read at home, at work and in the community.

We’re committed to delivering bespoke community programs to build and nurture lifelong readers so that readers have access to cultural experiences regardless of their geographical limitations.

Read Around Gladstone

Read Around Gladstone was a three-year initiative designed to foster, celebrate and measure a culture of reading in Gladstone. The project was designed to support students, workplaces and families with initiatives to encourage reading and improve overall literacy across the region. 

Read Around Gladstone was made possible through collaboration with the Gladstone Council and Gladstone library network and the generous support of partners, including the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, The Bryan Foundation, The John Villiers Trust, State Library of Queensland and Human Ventures.

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