UPLIT is a cultural champion of curiosity and creativity in Queensland. 

We exist as a platform to serve and grow Queensland’s writing and reading communities through transformative cultural experiences that elevate the vitality of literary arts and contribute to dynamic public conversation. Our centrepiece remains the much-loved annual Brisbane Writers Festival.

Since bursting onto the Queensland cultural landscape in 1962, our Festival has established a celebrated reputation as one of Australia's largest literary events. Year-on-year we build on this great event and attract more engaged readers, writers and thinkers.

More than five decades of organic and significant evolution means our organisation now exists well beyond our Main Festival, encompassing a year-round suite of events and bespoke community programs and projects.

2016 has been a pivotal year for our passionate and dedicated team. Following a period of strategic review, we have acknowledged how far we’ve come, imagined a bold future and created a roadmap forward. Articulating our ability to design bespoke cultural experiences outside of our five days in September was difficult while our organization's name pointed to one particular event.

So, from July 2016, we are UPLIT. This new name more precisely reflects the territory that we occupy, in both a literal sense (our northern location) and within our artform (literature), with a nod to the language used to stage public events and live performances.

Not just five days in September, but always.
Not just of and for Brisbane, but Queensland-wide.
Not just for writers, but for readers, thinkers and dreamers, too.

Come along as we write our next chapter.

UPLIT is a registered charity. 

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UPLIT is a registered charity