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Love YA - Spoilers! Behind-the-Scenes of Book Reviewing

Take a look behind the books themselves and meet some of the star players in the YA world – the passionate and ever-growing army of bloggers, vloggers and BookTubers who are part of a movement across the world connecting readers and literary fans online.

In this special panel discussion two of Brisbane’s best YA reviewers, Jeann Wong (Happy Indulgence) and Piéra Forde join literary agent and publishing consultant Alex Adsett to discuss the role that bloggers play in the literary industry, and shed some light on best practices surrounding the practice of blogging and BookTubing.

With a combined 50,000+ followers across their various platforms, Jeann and Piéra have both built a personal brand that advocates for the literary industry, connects and energizes readers across the world, and sustains their enthusiasm for all things YA.

Find out how you could become part of the book reviewing world as a vlogger, blogger, or something more, and discover how these BookTube personalities have become literary celebrities, just by following their passion for YA fiction.

Presented in partnership with LoveOzYA.

When: Sat 12 May, 15:30 – 16:30

Where: Flowstate Pavilion, South Bank

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Alex Adsett

Alex Adsett

Alex Adsett is a literary agent specialising in genre fiction, as well as a freelance publishing consultant offering commercial contract advice to authors and publishers.  She has more than eighteen years experience working in the publishing and bookselling industry and has managed Alex Adsett Publishing Services since 2008. As a consultant, Alex helps authors and publishers negotiate publishing contracts in line with industry standards.  As a literary agent, she is focused on finding exceptional manuscripts for adults, young adults and childrens. Alex represents a select stable of authors including Maria Lewis, Gary Kemble, Jodi McAlister, Shannon Horsfall, and Kylie Chan.

​Piéra Forde

​Piéra Forde

Piéra Forde is an Australian Booktuber with a passion for fantasy and sci-fi. Favoured for her honest reviews, dry sense of humour and her many pets that often make cameos in her videos, Piéra has attracted a wide audience across the globe who value her thoughts on popular novels, new releases and beloved classics. When she's not locked in her room reading, Piéra is an upcoming actress and a zookeeper.

Flowstate Pavilion

The Arbour, Tribune Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia

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