Saturday Stories

Festival Saturday was huge!

LOVE YA at the Brisbane Square Library converged into an apocalyptic survival session (and Young Adult fiction love-in); Tom Keneally joked about luring his daughter Meg into the tormenting self-doubt of life as a writer by plotting on long family bushwalks; Luke Williams revealed the funny and heartbreaking aspects of psychosis as a double-edged sword; and Festival artists mused on the therapeutic effects of music on the mind and the soul. There was political chat, existential discussion about philosophy and cook book fun. It was truly day of exploration and extremes.

We also held a pop-up event to give the Right of Reply to the Festival's Opening Address - you can view it in full on our social media feeds. This served as a necessary reminder that BWF is a forum where strong viewpoints and challenging conversation can be aired with respect, inclusivity and open minds.

The evening saw SLQ come alive with the sound of Nick Earls' Wisdom Tree Live and Festival favourite, The Great Debate, where funnymen Alexei Sayle and Dave O'Neil battled it out for laughs in front of a packed house at The Edge.

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